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Welcome to our farm

Owned by women / Run by women

Farming Is Not Our Job

It's Our Passion

Clyde O’Scope Farm is rooted in three generations of grassroots farming, a deep passion for nature, and respect for the land.  Established in 2017 by Meghan Baker, what began as a few small growing plots and two greenhouses in Galway, NY, has evolved into a fully functioning dairy/chicken farm, with expansive growing fields, greenhouses, and high tunnels in Johnsville, NY.

The Farms’ offering has expanded to include the Clyde O’Scope preservation line of jams, jellies, pickled products, and sauces in addition to a delicious line of chicken pot pies, kale pesto, and spinach pesto.

What we take from it, we give back to it.
Our philosophy is to grow safely, healthily, and giving back to our soil and surrounding nature. We use humus, compost, and seasoned manures for soil addiments and nutrients. To control pests, we plant extra crops, and plant crops/plants that attract pests. We are a no-spray farm and NEVER use synthetic pesticides or fertilizers.

Our natural techniques help us ensure we can grow the safest and healthiest food for your family and ours.

Organic produce, grown locally in
Upstate, NY

Pick-Your-Own CSA

For 20 consecutive weeks, enjoy the very best locally grown, organic fruits and vegetables of your choice. Gain peace of mind knowing where your food comes from and take pride in supporting local farmers. Our CSA benefits those that

  • Love to eat fruits and vegetables

  • Love cooking with the freshest foods and enjoy the variety of seasonal offerings

  • Want to know where your food comes from and know that it’s grown in a safe and sustainable manner

  • You value and want to support local farming

  • You want to support the local community and enjoy great food

Our 20 week Summer/Fall 2024-25 CSA membership begins June 30, 2024 and runs through November 10, 2025. Each week you’ll get to stop by the Spa City Farmers Market pick out the fruits and veggies of your choice from a wide selection of in-season produce.

Meet Our Farmers

We're in this together
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