About Us

Meet the family behind the farm

Meghan – The Farmer

Meghan grew up on her parents’ homestead. Here, her mom had a roadside stand selling flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Meghan spent hours each day in her parents’ greenhouse trying to grow anything she ate with seeds, which sometimes proved successful!

Community, 4-H, and county fairs were a big part of Meghan’s upbringing; Meghan regularly entered events, and workshops whenever possible. Meghan’s Grandfather and Grandmother O’Brien grew up on farms and were homesteaders in northern New York. Also, Meghan’s Grandfather and Grandmother Baker were farmers, who taught her many skills she now uses. Meghan was definitely born to be a farmer.

Meghan has been farming for 13 years. For over 6 years, Meghan ran another farm. During this time, she was the leader in its upbringing and many successes. For example, Meghan was driven to keep the vast land, forever farmland. This passion drove Meghan to apply for and write a grant to protect the land. Her drive helped award the farm with a $500,000 land grant, which was awarded, but after she left the establishment to begin her own farm business.

Sharon has been Meghan’s biggest supporter since day one. After leaving the last farm in 2017, and with Meghan’s future up in the air, Sharon reminded Meghan that she is doing many wonderful things for other farmers; she could have her own farm and do it again for herself and her family. It was then that Meghan went back to her childhood homestead, cleared land, built greenhouses, and started raising chickens and guinea hens. Meghan joined farmers’ markets and began selling goods to a couple of local restaurants. Meghan and her family are very grateful to all of her loyal customers who have supported her new beginning and helped her farm “grow.”

Meghan bought her own farmland and home in late 2018 with her partner Anna and two boys, Curtis and Benny.

Meghan’s farming techniques are the grassroots to organic farming, naturally grown and grown with a deep passion for nature and respect for the land. Meghan does not use pesticides, sprays, or synthetic fertilizers. Meghan’s approach to growing is healthiest not only for her family and friends but for the community and farmers’ market customers.

Meghan graduated from SUNY Cobleskill with a Bachelors in Technology in Plant Science and Agriculture Business.

Anna – The Teacher

Anna, a city girl who has turned into a country girl! Anna grew up in Long Island with her mother and sister. Anna grew up surrounded by beautiful European flower and vegetable gardens. Her mother moved to Long Island from Poland in 1968. Her mother and family brought over their own grassroots for growing beautiful gardens.

Anna left Long Island after high school and enrolled in SUNY Plattsburgh to become a teacher. After receiving her Bachelor’s degree, she continued her education at SUNY Albany and graduated with a Masters’s degree. Anna has now been teaching elementary school in the Ballston Spa Central School District for 21 years. She is the proud mother of two handsome boys, Curtis and Benjamin, who are both great helpers around the farm.

Anna has been a big supporter of her community and our farm. She enjoys working on the farm and farmers’ markets, foraging for fruits and plants, and learning more about farming and medicinal plants/flowers and house plants.

Sharon – The Cook

Sharon is a born and raised homesteader. Sharon raised four children on her homestead in the Galway area. Her passion for cooking, persevering, and canning comes from her grandmother and mother, from which a majority of her recipes come. Sharon spent summers and much time in northern New York with her Grandmother as a child. During this time, she helped plant, harvest, and can.

Sharon has instilled in Meghan, the passion for nature and plants. Sharon has always made a habit of cutting back on waste by trying to persevere, can, and freeze much of the harvest.

Sharon is a graduate of SUNY Albany and Southern Vermont College. She holds a degree in Creative Writing and English Literature. After her two youngest children were high school age, Sharon started working at group homes with youth boys and girls. During this time, Sharon tutored children and enjoyed giving back to the community.

Sharon helps Meghan at farmers’ markets, harvestings, baking, and canning. You can find all of her tasty baking, famous breakfast sandwiches, and canned products at the Spa City Farmers’ Market on Sundays in Saratoga Springs, NY.

Curtis & Benny

Curtis, 11, and Benny, 9 have been farming with Meg for the past four years. They are growing up to be epic helpers, farmers, and love being outside and in nature. They enjoy exploring the farm and helping with weeding, planting, and harvesting. They also enjoy harvesting honey and tapping maple trees to make maple syrup. The boys know where all of the chickens lay eggs and are the egg collectors. If they aren’t farming- they are exploring and roaming around the farmland. They both enjoy sports and finding new watering holes to rock jump in the summer months.

Clyde (The Goody Boy)

Clyde is our farm dog and mascot! He has been farming with Meghan for 9 years. It’s been a long strange trip, but the two wouldn’t trade it for anything! Meghan named the farm after Clyde, with an Irish play on words: Clyde O’Scope! Clyde is an active hunter and protector over his flocks. When he isn’t watching over his flocks, you can find him playing in the pond and creek. Clyde is stealth at collecting the farm eggs before the boys can get to them. Needless to say, he has a shiny coat! During the summer months, he can be spotted in the fields picking tomatoes and cucumbers for himself right off the vines. Clyde has recently recruited two new helpers since the farm has been growing and adding on every year. He is the mentor and big brother to Bonnie and Jed, both Tibetan Mastiffs.