Our farm

A dream come true

The farm started out in 2017 in Galway, NY where Meghan grew up. Here Meghan began a few small fields growing plots and put up two greenhouses where she began growing fruits and vegetables. Then, we added many chickens and guinea hens to our family farm and continue to care for them. This is also when Sharon began the Clyde O’Scope preservation line. We offer jams, jellies, and many varieties of pickled products (dill beans, peppers, onions, beets), sauces, and many more.  That’s not all, Sharon also developed our famous chicken pot pies and kale and spinach pesto!

In late 2018, Meghan had a lucky opportunity to purchase an old dairy/chicken farm in Johnsonville, NY, which is when Meghan, Anna, the boys, and Clyde moved there.

At the moment, our greenhouses are still in Galway. 100 percent of the field growing takes place in Johnsonville with plans to put up greenhouse and high tunnels this summer/fall 2021. At this moment, we are growing fruits and vegetables, plants, and herbs. We start all of our own plants for growing or directly sow seeds. Meghan is working on collecting seeds to create the farm’s own seed bank. The boys help tap maple for syrup and are becoming comfortable helping to maintain our honeybee hives.

Our philosophy is to grow safely, healthily, and giving back to our soil and surrounding nature- what we take from it, we give back to it. We use humus, compost, and seasoned manures for soil addiments and nutrients. To control pests, we plant extra crops, and plant crops/plants that attract pests. These are called banker crops. Scouting is part of pest management control (sticky traps, insect row covers, etc.). We NEVER use synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. We are a no-spray farm! Our natural techniques help us ensure we can grow the safest and healthiest food for your family and ours.